The Team

A group of student volunteers who share a common goal,  are united together through the IEEE IAS/PELS Student Branch Chapters, from the Universities of Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian and Sheffield, with more joining soon....

Together with 5 other international IAS co-sponsor student-led conferences worldwide we support and learn from each other. See Club of the 6.

We are not alone

The Future Integrated Network Solutions (FINS) international conference will be held 24th-25th May, 2018 in the Strathclyde Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) building, in Glasgow, Scotland. Technical  co-sponsorship  for the conference  has been  requested  from  the IEEE IAS , PELS & PES . All  papers  that are  accepted  and  presented  will  be  submitted  for publication in IEEE Xplore.

As the first student-led IEEE IAS conference in the UK, we aim to  deliver a high technical engineering event where young professionals in academia and industry can meet together.


Keynote Speakers


  • Dr Tomy Sebastion, IEEE IAS Society President

  • Dr Phillip Waite, Siemens, Chief Engineer

  • Dr Gerry Cleary, SSE, Technical Standards Engineer

A tour of the Power Network Demonstration Centre will be provided.

Dr Ibrahim Abdulhadi, PNDC, will give a tutorial about adaptive protection and challenges of network protection in the distribution network.

With more to be announced!

We mean every word.

The Future grids are transforming towards being intelligently co-operated with Integrating various resources and devices, forming a highly complex stuctured Network. Solutions are expected for the challenges that come with it.



And more than a technical term

 Students, Young Researchers and Professionals are the Future. We believe the conference Interconnects all the various members of the power engineering community. To deliver a strong Networking Society is our primary objective.

Who Should Attend

Be Part of us




We dream, we do, we volunteer.

We invite you to achieve an extraordinary event with us.

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We invite all Power Network Engineering minds, especially those who are:

  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate  Students

  • Academia Researchers

  • Technology Developers & Innovators

  • Large & Small Scale Industrial Reps

Technical Scope

 This conference welcomes all technical research related to the Three Themes, particular encouraged are topics directly addressing the solutions to the future integrated grids.

Condition Monitoring

  • Remote monitoring and smart sensors

  • Instrumentation and ITC

  • Prognostics /Root cause analysis of faults/failures

  • Diagnosis methods and technologies

  • Expert/Online/real time systems

Power Electronics, Machines & Drives Control

  • Smart Converters/ Inverters

    • Point-of-Load (PoL) and Multi-Phase Converters

    • Voltage Regulator Modules (VRM)

  • Renewable Energy Application : PV, Wind, Distributed Energy, Microgrid Systems

  • HVDC & FACTs

  • Utility Interface: UPS, Filters, Solid-State Transformers, Metering

  • High Performance Machine drives

Power System Operation, Control & Protection

  • Wide Area (Protection/ Monitoring / Control)

  • Distributed/Embedded Generation/Energy Resources

  • AC , DC and/or Hybrid/Integrated Microgrids

  • HVDC, MVDC, LVDC Grids

  • Digital Substation

  • Power System automation and data analytics

  • Synchronized Measurement Technology

Coming Soon...

The Key dates, CFP Info. and Registration... will be updated with the officail website !

Prominent Speeches

Speaker Open Discussion

Technical Paper Session

Student Poster Presentation

Student Presentation

Recruitment and Internship

Technical Trip


Dinner Banquet

Industrial Exhibition

Technical Special Session

Make the Best of the Two Days:

We aim to deliver a multifunction conference with a wide variaty of activities, both  standard technical sessions and innovative special events.

Industry Roundtable Session

Not yet have a paper?

For early stage researchers to be able to practise giving presentations in a conference setting.

Inviting all attendees and keynote speakers, a brainstorming session encouraging discussion and debate on trending key future grid issues.

A closed door session, sit down with fellow industrial participants to discuss topics on how to approach academic research projects, recruitment, etc.

Special Events